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SiteTrax launches a waiting list for early access to its revolutionary Self-Service Portal, giving businesses greater control over their intermodal asset tracking.

SiteTrax, powered by Netarus, a leading provider of intermodal and supply chain asset tracking and management solutions, is pleased to announce the early access launch of their new Self-Service Portal at the Manifest conference at booth K44 in Las Vegas, January 31–February 2, 2023. Businesses that take part in their early access program will work directly with the SiteTrax product team and join an influential community of other supply chain enthusiasts. Early participants will also provide feedback and help shape SiteTrax’s future products.

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Find Your Assets

The burgeoning brand known for its cost-effective, dependable asset tracking that employs cutting-edge AI and OCR technology is upending the status quo once again. With the launch of its Self-Service Portal, the innovative tool that provides dependable tracking of intermodal and supply chain assets is now even easier to deploy than before.

“We’re thrilled to be introducing our new Self-Service Portal to the industry leaders attending Manifest 2023. Our team at SiteTrax has worked tirelessly to create a portal that makes intermodal and supply chain asset management even easier and more efficient. We cannot wait for attendees to see it in action,” says Chris Machut, CEO of SiteTrax.

The SiteTrax AI-as-a-Service (artificial intelligence) platform makes it simple to capture and share the ID and geolocation of intermodal containers using OCR (optical character recognition).

A business can capture its container assets in real time with the click of a button on virtually any mobile device or the latest SiteTrax virtual gate solution. When an asset is captured, its ID and geolocation are pushed into any public, enterprise, or distributed database, including Yard Management Systems (YMS) and Terminal Operating Systems (TOS).

Thus, using SiteTrax means fewer administrative hours and more timely data, a unified operational picture for all, faster yard checks, and shorter truck turnaround times. That is, it saves time, and money, and adds value while also providing convenience.

How SiteTrax’s Self-Service Portal Works to Add Convenience

Thanks to SiteTrax’s latest innovation, AI-as-a-Service is now available as Self-Service. A variety of businesses can forever change how they track and manage assets and quickly put the data to use to make data-driven informed business decisions in just a few simple steps.

To participate, businesses simply sign up for early access to the SiteTrax Mobile app and qualified partners. As SiteTrax rolls out access to the program, companies that register early will be notified when their application is approved.

Being among the first to use the SiteTrax Portal has a number of advantages. Companies that join the waitlist will receive free SiteTrax scans. Users will gain access to world-class visualization tools to view their SiteTrax asset information once the Self-Service Portal is launched, all through a Self-Service Portal provided exclusively by SiteTrax.

When the SiteTrax Self-Service Portal is ready, a company’s early access will allow it to jump right into new service offerings and begin crafting its own customized inventory tracking workflows with SiteTrax-approved partners. Furthermore, as an early access participant, brands will have a direct impact on the portal. Users can tell SiteTrax developers what worked and what didn’t in real-time, allowing them to determine which features are most valuable to facilities. They will also interact with the SiteTrax product teams directly.

Launching Early Access at Manifest 2023

There is no better or more appropriate location to launch the early access sign-up for the SiteTrax Self-Service Portal than Manifest. Manifest is the premier gathering of industry leaders, innovators, and investors in a showcase of the most cutting-edge logistics and supply chain technology. SiteTrax’s participation in the event allows them to not only demonstrate their solution-oriented asset tracking capabilities but also to invite these industry leaders to be among the first to try out this ground-breaking portal.

Besides that, those who sign up for early access will be rewarded. Signing up for the waiting list entitles a company to 200 free asset ID scans ($140.00 value), and if they refer others, they will move to the top of the waitlist and receive even more free scans when the service goes live.

Attendees at the conference will be among the first to try out the new portal and provide feedback to the SiteTrax team. SiteTrax’s commitment to providing customers with the best intermodal asset management experience possible continues with the Self-Service Portal.

The SiteTrax team invites Manifest 2023 conference attendees to stop by their booth, K44, to learn more about the SiteTrax Self-Service Portal early access program and how it can help their organization’s inventory tracking.

* – Free scan credit subject to availability and qualifications for the program. To learn more about SiteTrax Terms of service, please visit

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