Enable Data Capture is an advanced asset management application that uses smartphones and our cloud-based translator to dramatically and cost-effectively improve asset tracking quality, increase staff efficiency, & improve facility utilization, while reducing your facility’s operating costs and freeing supervisors to perform higher value-add activities.

Provide Real-time Analytics

With, long gone are the days of manual asset tracking, RFID install/ scanning, expensive smart gates, and “misplacing” valuable assets.

Easy to Use Interface

Use the SiteTrax mobile app to simply capture high-value assets, like intermodal containers. asks three simple questions:

  1. What data do you want to analyze
  2. How do you want to analyze the data?
  3. Where do you want the analyzed data to go?

Spend More Time Understanding

SiteTrax takes asset ID, geolocation, & timestamp data and seamlessly integrates it into any ERP or asset management system, including blockchain platforms, giving you real-time, high quality asset information at a fraction of the cost of hardware-heavy installations.