SiteTrax™ by Netarus, LLC is a revolutionary tool for collecting intermodal container numbers by dramatically accelerating that data collection over traditional means. Using OCR technology via a cell phone app or a camera. Container numbers can quickly be collected throughout the day into a spreadsheet providing real time, or near real time information which can then be fed into a TMS, YMS or other data management system.


SiteTrax is an easy to use asset tracking platform. SiteTrax uses cameras and smartphones along with our cloud-based translator interpret asset information. The benefits include improving asset tracking quality, increasing staff efficiency & improving facility utilization. reduces your facility’s operating costs of trying to locate assets while freeing-up personnel to perform higher value-add activities.


With SiteTrax, long gone are the days of manual asset tracking, RFID install/ scanning, expensive smart gates, and “misplacing” valuable assets. This platform can be used by 3PL (3rd Party Logistics), Drayage Companies, Ports, and anyone else who who may have containers or assets to be tracked.


With the press of a single button, SiteTrax's Capture mobile app captures imagery of high-value assets such as intermodal containers. All we need ask is three simple questions:

What data do you want to analyze on the asset?
How do you want to analyze the data?
Where do you want the analyzed data to go (i.e. enterprise distributed ledger)?


SiteTrax takes asset ID, geolocation, & timestamp data and seamlessly integrates it into any ERP or asset management system, including blockchain platforms, giving you real-time, high quality asset information at a fraction of the cost of hardware-heavy installations.

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