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Need to find your intermodal and supply chain assets? Don’t want to invest thousands in automation, OCR and control gates?

As easy as pressing a button on any smart phone, tablet or camera; SiteTrax™ is an AI-as-a-Service OCR (Optical Character Recognition) platform that captures asset IDs as well as their location and pushes this information directly to any API capable database, enterprise ledger, ERP or transportation management system. 

Tired of spending hours
finding your assets?
Use SiteTrax OCR

SiteTrax™ is an AI-as-a-Service (Artificial Intelligence) platform provides an easy way to capture the ID and geolocation of intermodal  assets (i.e. containers and chassis) using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and computer vision to send this information anywhere.

At a click of a button on virtually any mobile device or fixed virtual gate solution, any organization can capture asset data in near real-time. Once an asset is captured, the ID of the asset and the geo-location is pushed into any public, enterprise or distributed database including Yard Management Systems (YMS) and Terminal Operating Systems (TOS).

Yard Process Improvement

Capacity Visibility

Detention, Idling and Demurrage Reduction

Faster Yard Checks &
On-time Performance Metrics



Install SiteTrax onto any camera, cell phone or HoistCam camera system. 


Once installed, take a video of your asset and SiteTrax handles the rest.


The ID, date, time and geolocation of the asset is pushed to any enterprise ledger including ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), TMS (Transportation Management System) or CMS (Container Management Systems) – yes, even just spreadsheets.

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I have tried virtually every container tracking pole, drone, application and widget to find our intermodal assets... SiteTrax is the very first one that actually works!

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