What a Difference Three Years Make at IANA

The SiteTrax team from Netarus is back from IANA Expo 2023 with far-reaching insights into industry trends that go beyond gate security, yard checks, and data collection and is poised to help businesses become more efficient.

Where is my sh*t?

That was the question at the heart of matters in the SiteTrax booth at the IANA (Intermodal Association of North America – Intermodal Expo 2023 in Long Beach, California, in September. SiteTrax made its third trip to this major gathering, and since introducing their Artificial Intelligence (AI) in beta form at that first visit, they’ve seen a marked shift in the industry and its approach to integrating AI into operations.

Wholeheartedly Embracing AI

At a conference where the latest technology is the star of the show, the SiteTrax team took note of how far and fast the industry is moving when it comes to AI. On their first IANA visit, the intermodal industry asked questions like, What does it do? And What is digital asset tracking? Shifting this year to more pointed and informed questions like, How can I make AI work for my business? To bold statements like I need AI. A clear sign that the industry is moving forward and embracing AI.

Industry Driven

Visitors to the SiteTrax booth were focused on taking a proactive approach to incorporating AI into their management systems. Moreover, they understand the importance of data, the need for it to be readily available, and the value of ensuring that obtaining that data does not weigh employees down with mundane tasks in order to provide needed statistics and information.

As a result, attendees were engaged and eager to learn about the numerous industry pain points that SiteTrax is alleviating. Beyond yard checks, SiteTrax offers an array of digital solutions to issues including chassis departures and entries, misreported parking locations, mislocated equipment, and inventory visualization, to name a few.

Likewise, the team noted that as businesses tighten their belts in the current economic environment, they appreciate now more than ever the pivotal role technology such as SiteTrax plays in keeping costs down while improving efficiency.

The Importance of IANA

IANA is the premier gathering of industry leaders, bringing together key players and innovators to make meaningful connections, discuss industry trends, stay informed, and maximize business potential. The event grows each year, joining experts and technology that are shaping the future of intermodal transportation.

SiteTrax CEO Christopher Machut was interviewed as an expert this year at IANA. Machut discussed IANA and how important the organization and the expo are to the industry. “Membership in IANA has been incredibly meaningful to me and my team at SiteTrax,” he said. “I’ve really appreciated playing an active role on the Operations Committee as well as the Geolocation and Data Exchange subcommittees. The organization does so much to foster industry collaboration, and I can’t emphasize enough the benefits and value of being an IANA member.”

The answer to the question, Where’s my sh*t?

The intermodal industry is quickly realizing the answer to the question lies with new technology, specifically artificial intelligence. The supply chain is no longer pondering whether AI is the answer. As evidenced at this year’s IANA Expo, the industry recognizes and embraces AI as the solution. AI is being used as a helpful tool to make daily operations run smoothly and more efficiently than ever before, with SiteTrax on the cutting edge, bringing essential data together in a quick, easy, user-friendly, and cost-effective way.

Special thanks to our amazing SiteTrax team on-site at IANA 2023 including John, Greg, Becki, Chris and Aaron.

What a difference three years make!


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