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We’re here to help you answer the biggest question in the supply chain… “Where’s my sh*t?!”

SiteTrax provides the data you need to power your management systems to cut costs, maximize revenue, and get rid of your worst headaches. Find out how by joining us at Manifest!

Come See Our Own Chris Machut Speak at TPM24!

Unleash Your Revenue Opportunities with SiteTrax

“At SiteTrax, we’re committed to ensuring interoperability and a smooth and efficient workflow, providing the data you need to have a holistic and interconnected view of their supply chain operations in the easiest way possible. We seamlessly integrate with operations-based software such as Yard Management Systems (YMS), Transportation Management Systems (TMS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Terminal Operating Systems (TOS), and more.”

Chris Machut
CEO, Sitetrax

98% accuracy in operations through meticulous auditing.*

Up to 6x Faster Truck Turn-Times
0 x Faster
Assets Scanned Using Our AI
0 M+
Demonstrated Accuracy Improvement
+ 0 %

*Based on 3rd party trial conducted to test against existing operations.

Yard Operations Improvement

Capacity Visibility

Detention, Idling and Demurrage Reduction

Faster Yard Checks &
On-time Performance Metrics

SiteTrax Brings You Cutting-Edge Intermodal Data Solutions

Every system starts with good data – and that’s what SiteTrax provides.

One of SiteTrax’s primary differentiators is its concentration on data, which is the cornerstone of any successful solution. The platform ensures that businesses receive reliable, real-time data, allowing them to make informed decisions and enhance their supply chain processes.

About SiteTrax:

SiteTrax™ is a low-cost, and simple-to-use mobile and fixed camera solution for gathering asset IDs and locations by drastically accelerating data collection over existing methods. We’ve focused on delivering a user-friendly, affordable solution that generates accurate data and near-real-time analytics to easily integrate into virtually any TMS, YMS, or any other data management system.

Where’s my sh*t?

As a nod to the platform’s uncomplicated approach, SiteTrax invites attendees to explore the question, “Where’s my sh*t?”— a playful take on the monumental challenge often faced in supply chain visibility that affects everything from revenue to relationships. SiteTrax tackles this question comprehensively with its powerful tracking and management capabilities.


With the hashtag #SiteTraxEasy, SiteTrax’s presence at Manifest Vegas revolves around simplicity and efficiency. This reflects the platform’s straightforward interface and capacity to streamline complex supply chain activities effectively. SiteTrax is not just a solution; it’s a commitment to making logistics and supply chain management more accessible and efficient for businesses of all sizes.

I have tried virtually every container tracking pole, drone, application and widget to find our intermodal assets... SiteTrax is the very first one that actually works!