Everyone in Supply Chain Wins with a “Digital Twin”

How SiteTrax by Netarus is using artificial intelligence and OCR (optical character recognition) to transform asset visibility.

Precise and high-quality carrier data is critical to solving visibility issues surrounding intermodal container shipping. With the current landscape of intermodal data sharing, carriers and logistics partners simply have not been able to properly access all their necessary data and information efficiently.

The SiteTrax platform by Netarus is shifting that reality with something called a digital twin—a state-of-the-art tool proving transformative for the intermodal shipping industry. A digital twin is a virtual, real-time counterpart to your physical, real life supply chain process. Utilizing groundbreaking technology and artificial intelligence, a digital twin uses real world data to create simulations—helping you keep track of your assets and make better predictions regarding you supply chain—every step of the way.

With 3,000+ independent intermodal carriers currently in service, tracking assets is extremely complex. SiteTrax simplifies that process. Powered by Netarus, the SiteTrax platform provides a simplified, streamlined way to capture the geolocation of your intermodal containers and share that information within your organization. With the simple click of a button and using your smartphone – SiteTrax captures your container assets in real-time and automatically publishes that container’s ID to any ledger you choose.

So, what exactly can a digital twin do for carriers, brokers, shippers, and even the customer over time? The answer is: quite a bit. When you use SiteTrax digital twin, you gain clarity through a simple-to-use platform that allows you to track any asset—any time. Using advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, the digital twin simulates the supply chain as events are unfolding—providing crucial data that keeps your operation, and your partner’s operations, running smoothly.

“With SiteTrax technology, we aren’t just making your operation’s supply chain more efficient, we are actually making our lives better overall,” said Netarus CEO Chris Machut.

No matter what you need to track – SiteTrax by Netarus makes the process easy—delivering accurate and precise results every time. With a SiteTrax digital twin you can find both the physical location and condition of each asset—anytime of day, anywhere in the world. This system provides your container’s precise terminal locations—going beyond just know the city in which your assets are located and helping to predict actual arrival and departure times.

SiteTrax goes beyond tracking the physical location of your containers and assets. With this system, you gain the most accurate, timely, and precise information regarding your containers—which can help reduce labor costs, increase productivity, and improve your overall supply chain.

Intermodal shipping is a roughly $46 billion industry which will soon be transformed by digital twins—meaning you can put your business ahead of the pack today. This complete and comprehensive data source is also cost effective for any operation. There is no longer a need for costly, bulky equipment—with SiteTrax, clients are charged per captured asset. No assets? No cost.

If you are looking to improve the value of your solution by providing better, more accurate information to your clients – SiteTrax is the answer. Stop spending hours searching for your assets and gain a clear line of sight with your containers with accurate, timely, and cost-effective tracking solutions with SiteTrax, powered by Netarus.

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