SiteTrax Booth at Manifest 2024

SiteTrax Returns from Manifest 2024, Las Vegas, with Supply Chain Insights

SiteTrax reveals the top takeaways from the premier gathering for supply chain and logistics innovation.

The SiteTrax team has returned from Manifest 2024 in Las Vegas which brought together the “most comprehensive ecosystem of those innovating and transforming end-to-end supply chain and logistics.”  With more than 4,500 attendees, the conference is the premier gathering for the industry. SiteTrax, once again, participated and came away with some profound insights into the current trends as well as the future trajectory of the supply chain and logistics community.

AI is Everywhere

The industry is warming up to Computer Vision and AI-as-a-Service. As a result, the exhibit hall was buzzing with talk of the role AI in the supply chain. SiteTrax could easily address this subject since SiteTrax has been on the leading edge of the technology. At Manifest, the SiteTrax team adeptly addressed questions, drawing from hands-on experience in technology development and implementation across diverse sectors.

From the SiteTrax Mobile App, Virtual Gate, SiteTrax Drive to the Self-Service Portal, Manifest attendees saw first-hand the custom asset tracking solutions SiteTrax provides. They also liked how SiteTrax is using AI to reduce pain points, particularly those that arise between the gate and inventory, and redefining the visibility market.

Where’s My Sh*t?

Speaking of pain points, SiteTrax debuted the theme, “Where’s my sh*t?” at last year’s conference and built upon it at the 2024 event. T-shirts emblazoned with the question drew conference participants into the SiteTrax booth. They led to great questions and conversations about intermodal visibility and the many issues surrounding locating assets and inventory beyond the gate.

Visitors to the SiteTrax booth were eager to engage in conversations about SiteTrax’s state-of-the-art technology from both a technological development standpoint and the ease of use, where any similar technologies are typically still limited to the gate.

SiteTrax ­­–– The Leading Solution

At Manifest 2024, the logistics industry spotlighted AI and Computer Vision along with the universal concerns of asset ID, date, time, and geolocation. As more industry players embrace new tech solutions for visibility, SiteTrax stands out for its convenient, cost-effective, and sophisticated operating systems. These systems provide near real-time reliable data, empowering decision-makers to make better and more informed decisions. Or, as the team at Manifest pointed out irreverently, SiteTrax answers the question, “Where’s my sh*t?”


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