SiteTrax 2023: Trailblazing Transformations and Data Triumphs

From a surge in the total number of scans to solving critical intermodal industry challenges to answering the question, “Where’s my sh*t”, SiteTrax reflects on an explosive 2023.

Last year, 2023, proved to be yet another stellar year for the crew at SiteTrax. The company celebrated the increased adoption of its game-changing AI powered asset tracking technology, simplifying the tracking of intermodal containers, chassis, assets, and custom assets by pressing a button. Join as SiteTrax takes a moment to look back on the year and eagerly anticipates the opportunities that lie ahead in 2024.

Where’s my sh*t?

The resounding theme of the year centered around the answer to a straightforward question we hear people ask all the time: “Where’s my sh*t?”. SiteTrax responded enthusiastically, offering clients solutions to their most pressing questions and challenges with the simplest solution possible. Whether addressing basic asset tracking needs or tackling operational exceptions, SiteTrax empowered users to optimize their workflow through the application of AI, enhancing visibility and enabling more informed decision-making with the delivery of exceptional data.

Likewise, SiteTrax saw a growth of users taking advantage of the user-friendly technology not only for simple tracking but also to devise mitigation strategies for addressing a variety of common yet challenging issues they previously had no solution for with their existing day to day operations and technology. This included tasks like auditing the flow of standard operations and promptly identifying instances of damage or exceptions when they occur.

Furthermore, 2023 marked a year of innovation for the company as SiteTrax introduced its acclaimed Self-Service Portal, SiteTrax Drive, and SiteTrax Aerial Drone solutions. Each of these outstanding additions not only garnered praise but also broadened the range of possibilities, providing the versatility that customers eagerly seek and value.

The SiteTrax team had a busy year as they actively participated in numerous key industry events and conferences. From the IANA Conference and ASTM Data Standardization Roundtable to AAPA and TPMTech among several others, SiteTrax played a major role in crucial discussions and networking opportunities.

“As we reflect on the strides made in 2023, it underscores the pivotal role of delivering high-quality data. At SiteTrax, we’ve witnessed the transformative impact of leveraging AI and adeptly handling exceptions. Our clients have shared remarkable success stories, experiencing a substantial leap from 70% to over 95% accuracy in their operations through meticulous auditing and strategic comparisons with their established processes using SiteTrax,” said Chris Machut, CEO of SiteTrax.

As SiteTrax looks ahead to 2024, there is much excitement and opportunity on the horizon. With an eye toward helping customers identify their top visibility based ROI opportunities, the team is dedicated to augmenting solutions for streamlined operations, reducing costs, and increasing capacity. Keep an eye out for advanced features and new products as SiteTrax solidifies its position as a pioneering force on the world stage within the industry.  The journey ahead in 2024 holds exciting steps in innovation and impactful contributions as SiteTrax works with each customer to meet their specific needs.

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