Overhead view of a container yard with SiteTrax logo, demonstrating the YMS tracking capabilities.

How to Build a Basic (and free) YMS with SiteTrax

Overhead view of a container yard with SiteTrax logo, demonstrating the YMS tracking capabilities.

How to Build a Basic (and Free) YMS with SiteTrax

Yard Management Systems don’t have to be expensive or complex to be effective. SiteTrax outlines how to create a simple YMS.

When it comes to Yard Management Systems, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are paramount concerns, especially for businesses operating on tight budgets or those with smaller yards. There are many different YMS options available, however, they often come with a hefty price tag attached. Fortunately, a simple yet functional YMS can be created on a budget with the appropriate strategy and SiteTrax technology.

Inventory Management Made Easy with SiteTrax

SiteTrax is a versatile tool that utilizes computer vision to track intermodal and supply chain assets. The innovative budget-friendly tool lets users capture asset IDs as well as their location with the push of a button on any smartphone, tablet, or camera. It then pushes that information directly to any API-capable database, enterprise ledger, ERP, or transportation management system. Adding to the appeal of SiteTrax is how well it leverages its technological capabilities to get the greatest value from the data while preserving its high level of reliability.

Benefits for Small & Large Yards

Moving to a digital YMS like SiteTrax can result in major efficiency advantages for both small and large operations that are still dependent on manual paper-and-pen procedures without requiring a big financial commitment. By digitizing data and procedures, organizations can decrease manual errors, enhance communication, and gain real-time visibility into yard operations.

SiteTrax offers several solutions for asset tracking including the mobile app, SiteTrax Virtual Gate, SiteTrax Drive, and Aerial Drone. These state-of-the-art tools offer complete turnkey capabilities that are scalable and economical.

Furthermore, flexibility and accessibility are improved by SiteTrax’s compatibility with multiple platforms. Thus, assuring that regardless of the yard size, data is easily accessible and can be utilized across a variety of devices. Users may effortlessly interact with and update yard information as needed, whether they are accessing the system from a desktop computer or a mobile device on the road.

Seamlessly Integrating Data Across Platforms

Users can seamlessly integrate data from SiteTrax spreadsheets to generate customized maps that are specific to their yard layout and operations using free and low-cost tools like Google My Maps. This integration streamlines the process of visualizing and managing yard activities, offering a user-friendly and affordable interface for tracking assets, inventory, and workflows.

Key Steps to Building Your YMS

  1. Data Collection and Entry: Start by gathering pertinent yard data, such as asset locations, stock levels, and operational procedures. Make sure this data is accurate and consistent by entering it into SiteTrax spreadsheets.
  2. Map Creation: Create personalized maps of yard layout by importing data from SiteTrax spreadsheets using free programs like Google My Maps. To maximize efficiency, mark important places, and depict traffic flow.
  3. Integration and Automation: Examine choices for connecting SiteTrax with other business applications, such as transportation or inventory management. To reduce manual processes and guarantee data accuracy, automate data syncing and updating procedures.
  4. Training and Adoption: Emphasize the advantages of digitization. The short learning curve of SiteTrax makes it simple to train yard personnel in the effective and efficient use of the new YMS.
  5. Monitoring and Optimization: To find areas for optimization, ask users for feedback and keep a close eye on yard performance data. Workflows and configurations should be changed as necessary to optimize value and efficiency.

Making Yard Management #SiteTraxEasy

By following these steps and incorporating the capabilities of SiteTrax, businesses can establish a simple yet robust YMS that caters to their specific needs while minimizing costs. Even businesses with limited resources can enhance yard management efficiency and effectiveness by harnessing technology to maximize the value of the data without compromising quality.

Or as SiteTrax puts it, making yard management #SiteTraxEasy.

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