Green Returns: Enhancing ROI Through Sustainable Asset Management Strategies

SiteTrax delves into technology that helps turn the “E” in ESG into improved ROI.

Sustainability within the supply chain has been getting greater attention in recent years. Businesses are increasingly prioritizing the “E” in ESG, adopting environmentally responsible practices and approaches, and recognizing their critical importance across various fronts. However, incorporating earth-friendly “green” practices need not take a toll on your company’s bottom line. As a pioneer in advanced supply chain technology, SiteTrax takes a look at how to improve ROI while at the same time making ecologically sound practices standard operating procedure.

Emissions and the Supply Chain

The “E” in ESG stands for environmental aspects, including waste management, energy efficiency, carbon footprint, and the use of renewable resources in the development and use of technology. Fuel is a vital component of the supply chain since it powers the engines that transport goods. Assets are constantly being carried, whether by land or sea, which eventually impacts the environment.

From end to end, the supply chain relies heavily on energy to transport goods from point A to point B. As a result, the production of goods and transportation creates a significant amount of carbon emissions. Nevertheless, as companies turn their attention to reducing their carbon footprint and engaging in environmentally friendly policies, innovators like the team at SiteTrax see the opportunity to pivot to green practices inexpensively, easily, and quickly with technology.

Reducing Emissions Using Technology to Increase Visibility

“Where’s my sh*t?” The team at SiteTrax humorously poses this question because they understand it is likely the most asked throughout the supply chain.

From truckers to the yard management team to the C-suite, and beyond, every link in the supply chain appreciates the challenges faced and the impact of not being able to locate assets quickly. Truck turnaround times, idling at a location, or burning fuel traveling on a cargo ship are all links in the supply chain that have an impact on the environment.

That is where SiteTrax’s state-of-the-art tool answers the question by leveraging AI technology that provides real-time asset-tracking solutions. Moreover, once the asset ID is captured, the geolocation is pushed into any public, enterprise, or distributed database including Yard Management Systems (YMS) and Terminal Operating Systems (TMS). Not only does this provide users with critical and reliable data, but it is also reducing fuel usage and emissions in the process.

For instance, by improving truck turnaround time, SiteTrax helps cut over 100,000 pounds of CO2 yearly for a single yard that handles 50 trucks per day on average. A single tiny alteration has a profound ripple effect that has an enormous influence. If you were to multiply that across multiple yards and trucks, the impact would be staggering.

By providing asset tracking in real-time, SiteTrax naturally assists organizations with improving the environment.

A Sustainable Practice that Increases ROI

Implementing user-friendly asset management tools such as SiteTrax inherently leads to improved ROI. Fuel savings from improved visibility and shorter idling times not only reduce carbon emissions but also translates into cash savings for the company. Likewise, having the geolocation of assets quickly and readily available with the touch of a button makes businesses run more efficiently and effectively — another important return on investment.

More significantly, by taking proactive steps to incorporate eco-friendly practices, a business drives not only short-term benefits like cost savings and risk mitigation but also long-term advantages such as enhanced business reputation and resilience in a changing landscape. As various states and agencies seek to implement legislation and regulations to minimize emissions, having tools in place that already improve efficiency and the use of resources is an enormous advantage.

SiteTrax Supporting the Pillars of Sustainability

People, Planet, Profit – these are the pillars of sustainability. Implementing sustainable practices into the supply chain through tools such as SiteTrax has a positive impact on all three aspects. If your company is searching for ROI in sustainability and seeking solutions, the team at SiteTrax invites you to reach out and learn more about incorporating technology that is eco-friendly, easy to use, efficient, and cost-effective.

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