Enhancing Supply Chain Visibility from Interchange to Last Mile: Leveraging Intermodal with SiteTrax

SiteTrax is spearheading an AI-as-a-Service industry revolution with its unparalleled ability to increase visibility in drayage, redefining logistics efficiency and effectiveness.

In today’s interconnected world, supply chains are at the core of business success across all industries. As companies expand their global operations, the importance of efficiency and visibility within the supply chain becomes increasingly crucial. From the inception of a product to its final destination, a complex network of stages, carriers, and touchpoints come into play. To optimize performance and minimize potential disruptions, this intricate web demands seamless coordination and comprehensive visibility.
Enter SiteTrax, an innovative intermodal platform that provides AI-as-a-Service to improve visibility and efficiency throughout the supply chain, making it easier to understand, plan, and analyze fleet operations while addressing critical pain points.

Everything is the Supply Chain
Regardless of the type of business, it is essential to recognize that everything is the supply chain. From the initial production stages to the moment a product reaches the consumer’s hands, a myriad of stakeholders and processes are involved. Each link in the chain is equally important to achieving supply chain excellence. Maintaining visibility throughout the journey is one of the most difficult challenges in this interconnected ecosystem.

Visibility: Where is My Stuff?
Maintaining real-time visibility into the supply chain is paramount for businesses to make timely, informed decisions. SiteTrax collects asset IDs and location data and sends it directly to any API-capable database, enterprise ledger, ERP, or transportation management system. This enables the parties involved to follow shipments and assets from the interchange point (where freight transfers between modes of transportation) to the final mile delivery. This end-to-end visibility ensures that everyone in the supply chain has access to the information they require to optimize operations, reduce delays, and increase overall customer satisfaction.

Understanding the Fleet as a Whole
Any logistics operation relies on its fleet. It includes various modes of transportation such as trucks, ships, trains, and airplanes. Understanding the fleet as a whole is pivotal for making informed decisions and allocating resources efficiently. SiteTrax enables businesses to gather data from all fleet components, stitch it together, and gain comprehensive insights into fleet performance. This holistic understanding empowers stakeholders to identify areas of improvement, reduce inefficiencies, and enhance overall fleet productivity.

Solving Pain Points: The Role of Drayage
Drayage, the movement of goods over short distances, often from ports to distribution centers or vice versa, can be a pain point for many supply chains. Delays, inefficiencies, and cost overruns as well as unexpected expenses can occur during this crucial stage. SiteTrax optimizes drayage operations by providing real-time insights into truck movements, container status, and potential delays. This allows companies to streamline drayage processes, reduce wait times, and enhance supply chain speed and reliability. More importantly, this provides visibility where previously there was little to none and can assist businesses in saving money.

Importance of Ports and Terminals
Ports and terminals are critical supply chain nodes that serve as vital trade gateways. To ensure smooth cargo movement, port, and terminal operations must be effectively managed. SiteTrax helps to improve port and terminal visibility by providing real-time data on container movements, storage, and handling. By optimizing these operations, companies can reduce congestion, minimize dwell times, and improve the overall flow of goods. Regardless of the rate and volume, visibility still matters.

Connecting Data to Plan, Analyze, and Make Decisions
The lifeblood of the modern supply chain is data. However, the amount of data available from various sources can be overwhelming. SiteTrax addresses this issue by quickly and efficiently allowing users to aggregate data captured with everyday devices such as a smartphone or tablet. Then the OCR powered AI technology stitches it together into a unified and actionable format giving businesses access to real-time and historical data to plan more effectively, analyze trends, and make data-driven decisions that increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

End-to-end supply chain visibility is vital for businesses today. With advanced intermodal platforms like SiteTrax, tracking from the interchange to the final mile becomes more effective, facilitating informed decisions. Embracing technology-driven solutions ensures competitiveness and streamlined operations, helping businesses navigate complexities and achieve sustainable growth.
Are you ready to power your success with the fuel of data?

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