AI is Everywhere: How to Find the Real Solutions in a Saturated Market

With AI virtually everywhere, SiteTrax™ shares insights into identifying the right and real AI for yard management and logistics in the supply chain.

In today’s digital era, artificial intelligence (AI) is ubiquitous, transforming industries and redefining our interaction with technology. Perhaps its most profound impact is seen in the logistics ecosystem, where predictions suggest exponential growth in AI adoption. Industry experts anticipate a widespread embrace of AI-powered technologies in the coming years to tackle challenges such as enhancing visibility and automating tasks, thereby improving operational efficiency and gaining a competitive edge.

However, as AI advancements flourish, navigating the landscape becomes increasingly complex. Amidst the proliferation of AI options, distinguishing genuine AI offerings becomes challenging. SiteTrax boasts a proven track record in delivering state-of-the-art AI-driven logistics solutions, offering guidance to businesses in selecting the most suitable AI answers for their needs.

According to Chris Machut of SiteTrax, “AI is omnipresent. It’s also changing rapidly and coming at us fast. To make informed decisions for your business, it’s crucial to ask the right questions. At SiteTrax, we guide you through this complex landscape, ensuring you harness the power of AI effectively.”

3 Key Questions

When it comes to AI there are a few important elements that need to be considered to distinguish real AI solutions from the surrounding noise.

1. What is AI Training?

AI training refers to teaching an artificial intelligence, such as machine learning, to perform a specific task or to recognize patterns in data. During training, the AI system is given a large dataset containing examples of inputs and their corresponding outputs. The system then learns from these examples, adjusting its internal parameters or weights to minimize the difference between its predictions and the actual outputs.

Overall, AI training is crucial for building accurate and reliable AI systems that can effectively perform tasks.  

2. What is AI Inference?

AI inference refers to using a trained artificial intelligence (AI) model to make predictions, classifications, or decisions based on new, unseen data. In other words, inference is the deployment phase of an AI model after it has been trained. During inference, the model takes input data and applies the knowledge it has gained during training to produce an output.

3. How do you know if a solution is really AI or not?

AI is like a supercharged pattern recognizer. It crunches through huge amounts of data, searching for hidden rules and connections. The key difference between AI and something that is simply programmed to perform a task is its ability to learn from new information and to spot deviations and errors along the way. It isn’t just slapping a label onto analytics, it’s a learned process that over time can infer and also know when it is incorrect.

Years of Development & Millions of Scans

In the dynamic landscape of logistics, where efficiency and innovation reign supreme, SiteTrax emerges as a beacon of progress. With years of meticulous development and millions of scans, SiteTrax is a true leader in the field. As AI becomes the focal point of industry discussions, its game-changing potential cannot be overstated. To remain competitive in this ever-evolving environment, embracing AI is not merely an option; it’s a necessity.

SiteTrax stands ready to assist your company in initiating this transformative journey. Contact us to learn more.

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