SiteTrax Android App – Installation

  1. Verify Android Device Supported – Make sure you have an Android Device with Android 10 or later.

  2. Download the App – Click the link above to begin the download process.
    NOTE: You may have to approve security permissions for your device in order to install the APK file.

  3. Enter the PIN – Once SiteTrax Capture is installed:
    1. Select “Use Provided PIN”
    2. Enter the PIN: 123123

  4. Allow Permissions – After entering the pin, you will be prompted to allow access and will need to enable all permissions requested for the app to function properly.  Similar to many other apps, SiteTrax will need to access your phone’s camera, GPS, cell data, and storage. 
Intermodal Shipping Container on Glass
SCAN ME - Intermodal Shipping Container on Glass