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The future of supply chain inventory tracking and management

To make inventory tracking work best for your organization, we invite you to our SiteTrax Self-Service Portal early access program. By opting into the early access program, you’ll work directly with the SiteTrax product team and join an influential community of other supply chain enthusiasts. Give your feedback and help shape SiteTrax’s future products.

Automatic Setup

Track and push asset inventory to where you need it, when you need it. Scanning with SiteTrax is the simplest way to scan yard inventory.

How it works

Option #1: Sign-up for the waitlist below and once the SiteTrax self-service portal comes online and your application is approved, we will notify you to sign-up for the program.  

Option #2: After signing up to the wailist, refer your friends and colleagues to the program through your unique referral link, and you could earn more free scans.*

Because everyone loves free scans!*

Seriously, though… sign up and get early access to the self-service SiteTrax portal where you will be able to set up an account, download the SiteTrax app and begin scanning assets on your own. 

Once we launch the self-service portal, you’ll be notified of the availability to use the portal when the SiteTrax team approves your application and access can be granted.

Join the waitlist below and get early access to the SiteTrax Self-Service Portal.  Joining the waitlist grants you free SiteTrax scans*.  Once the Self-Service Portal is launched, you will gain access to world-class visualization tools to view your SiteTrax asset information.  Once the Self-Service Portal is launched, you should be able to download the SiteTrax app and begin scanning assets on your own – all of this through a Self-Service Portal provided exclusively by SiteTrax.

By signing up for the waitlist, you will be notified first once early access is available for the SiteTrax Self-Service Portal.

Once the SiteTrax Self-Service Portal becomes available, your early access will allow you to dive right into new service offering immediately and start crafting your own inventory tracking workflows with SiteTrax approved partners.

Tell us in real time what worked — and what didn’t — so we can decide what features are the most valuable for facilities like your’s. You’ll also get the opportunity to connect directly with our product teams.

Move to the top of the waitlist by referring your friends and colleagues to the SiteTrax Self-Service Portal Early Access Program.  Refer others and get free scans*!

SiteTrax Self-Service Portal
Early Access Program

* – Free scan credit subject to availability and qualifications for the program.  SiteTrax reserves the right to qualify each individual or organization. To learn more about SiteTrax Terms of service, please visit

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